Things To Do in Fell’s Point

If you’re looking for things to do in and around Fells Point, start with this handy list. Visitors and residents alike will find it helpful in leaving no cobblestone unturned!

Stroll Through The Heart Of Baltimore

The heart of Baltimore’s charm can be found at the intersection of Broadway and Thames Street in Fell’s Point, where the city’s colonial history is best preserved. It marks the base of Broadway Pier to the south (originally an immigrant ferry stop) and Broadway Square to the north (community space), split by the cobblestone of Thames Street, lined with shops and boutiques overlooking the Patapsco River.

To fully appreciate the stroll through history, take one of these amazing tours:

Hey Look- That’s Interesting!

Don’t have time for a tour but want the low down on some key points of interest in Fell’s Point? Try these:

  • The founders of Fell’s Point are buried in a small cemetery squeezed between two row homes, marked as the Fell Family Grave.
  • Edgar Allen Poe’s last drink (1849) was served at The Horse You Came In On, which also happens to be America’s oldest continually operated saloon (1775).
  • “Vote Against Prohibition” was prominently painted on the side of a building in the 1920s- the remnants of which you can still see today.
  • Established in 1784, the Broadway Market buildings in Fell’s Point have become a bustling food hall (north market) and The Choptank restaurant (south market).
  • Once a slave living in Fell’s Point, Frederick Douglass escaped in 1838 and became a civil rights pioneer, leaving behind a legacy worth celebrating at the museum bearing his name.
  • Meg Ryan’s character from Sleepless in Seattle lived at 904 South Broadway along the Broadway Pier.
  • NBC filmed “Homicide” at the monumental Recreation Pier which has since become the lavish Sagamore Pendry Hotel. It’s open to the public and well-worth a visit.

Mark Your Calendars

Fell’s Point is both a neighborhood of locals and an attraction for tourists- you’ll find events that cater to both. Weekly, monthly, seasonal, and one-time events are sprinkled throughout the calendar year. Some of our favorites include the Fell’s Point Farmer’s Market and Fell’s Point Fun Festival. Check out our full Fell’s Point Event Calendar to see what interests you.

Legendary Live Music

You can find live music in Fell’s Point every single night of the week. On weekends, you’ll hear it emanating from countless establishments. Whether you’re into jazz, classic rock, pop, rap, or something else- you’ll find it in Fell’s. Check out our Best Spots in Fell’s Point for Live Music to learn more!

Eat, Drink, Shop, Repeat

Fell’s Point is home to the highest concentration of locally-owned bars and restaurants in the United States. Sprinkled with eclectic shops and quirky boutiques, there’s truly something for everyone. Some of our favorites include:

Exploring is half the fun: check out all the bars, restaurants, and shops and find your personal favorites!

Walk Along The Water

The pedestrian walkway along the water in Fell’s Point is part of 7-mile stretch called the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade. The paved walkway starts at the Canton Waterfront Park, passes through Harbor East and the Inner Harbor, and continues all the way to Fort McHenry. It’s a beautiful walk from Fell’s Point to many top destinations.

Even Better: Take The Water Taxi

Nestled between the Sagamore Pendry and the Broadway Pier, you’ll find the Fell’s Point Water Taxi stop. It’s not only the most beautiful and charming way to travel in Baltimore, but it also takes you directly to some of Baltimore’s top attractions.

For route maps, schedule, and operating hours check out

Baltimore Bucket List

Many of Baltimore’s top treasures are easily reachable from Fell’s Point by foot, scooter, bike, Water Taxi, Uber, car, and bus. Which ones are worth visiting?

Some of our favorites include the Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, Fort McHenry, Maryland Science Center, Baltimore Convention Center, and more.

For more, check out this Baltimore Bucket List!

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