FAQ in the Neighborhood

Let’s get Fell’s Pointed in the right direction with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Visiting Fell’s Point

Is Fell’s Point in Baltimore Safe?

Yes, Fell’s Point is safe much like any other popular urban environment: be aware of your surroundings, lock your doors, walk in groups at night, and avoid confrontation. Crime is an unfortunate reality of living in the city, but Fell’s Point has a close knit community dedicated to keeping the area safe. (Learn More)

What are the best ways to Get Around?

If you’re driving into Fell’s Point, we highly recommend parking at one of the nearby garages and enjoying the neighborhood by foot. Strolling the cobblestone streets is one of the top things to do!

Catch a ride on the Water Taxi before you leave: it’s the most relaxing and enjoyable way to see Baltimore and it picks up at Broadway Pier. Other popular ways to get around include the Charm City Circulator (Green Route bus schedule) and biking (proceed at your own risk).

What to do in Fell’s Point?

Once you visit our historic waterfront neighborhood, you’ll understand why they call Baltimore “Charm City”. There are so many things to do, places to eat, bars to drink, boutiques to shop, and things to see.

Grab a drink from a dive bar surrounded by Prohibition relics, walk past towering ships on the docks once manned by Frederick Douglass, and see the quaint graveyard of the Fell family who first arrived here in 1731.

For Residents

When is Trash & Recycling pickup?

Trash pickup is on Tuesdays and Recycling pickup is on Thursdays for residents in Fell’s Point south of Eastern Ave (including the south side of Eastern Ave). Learn more.

How do I get a Residential Parking Permit?

If you’re a resident of Fell’s Point you can obtain a residential parking permit through Baltimore City Parking Authority. You must show proof of residency and follow the steps found here.

What are the rules for dogs and other pets?

All pets must be on a leash unless inside a dog park that permits dogs to run free. Make sure to carry a bag with you at all times so you can clean up after your pets! Your dog is friendly and/or obedient enough, it doesn’t matter: follow the rules. Learn more.

What are the most popular Social Groups and Organizations?

What Elected Officials represent Fell’s Point?

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