Trash & Recycling

The majority of Fell’s Point residents have:

  • Trash pickup every Tuesday
  • Recycling every Thursday

If you missed your trash or recycling day, you can dispose of items at one of the Citizen Drop-Off Centers, the closest of which is located at 2840 Sisson Street.

Please put your trash and recycling near the curb no earlier than 6PM the night before collection and retrieve them in a timely fashion.

Trash Pickup:

  • If possible, use the green trashcans provided by the city, which deter rodents, prevent litter, and reduce strain on workers.
  • To obtain or replace a city trashcan, call 311
  • Other trashcans may be used, but all homes have a limit of 96 gallons of trash pickup per week

Recycling Pickup:

  • Do NOT put your recycling in plastic bags!
  • Use any container you want (just not plastic bags)
  • There is no limit to how much you can recycle
  • If recycling day falls on a holiday, there will be a makeup day (usually the following Saturday)

Things you CANNOT recycle:

  • Soiled recyclables
  • Polystyrene (Styrofoam) of any type
  • Plastic bags
  • Clamshell containers (e.g. deli or salad bar containers, to go food boxes, berry containers)
  • Plastic film of any type (e.g. 6 pack rings, case wrap, dry cleaning bags, food storage bags)
  • Plastic cutlery and straws
  • Potato chip and snack bags, candy wrappers
  • Take-out food containers
  • Non-packaging plastic (e.g. toys, toothbrushes, pens)
  • Paper towels, toilet paper or tissue paper
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Non-packaging glass (window and mirror)
  • Cords, hoses, string and other “tanglers”
  • Compostable materials or yard waste
  • Trash such as cigarette butts, diapers, food waste, needles, bags with pet waste, etc
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Clothing, shoes, and textiles
  • Cookware

Things you CAN recycle:

  • Paper:
    • Office paper (all colors)
    • Newspaper, magazines and catalogs
    • Mail (including junk mail, envelopes with windows, flyers, etc.)
    • Books (including paperbacks, textbooks, and hardbacks)
    • Brown paper bags
    • Cardboard and paperboard boxes
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Cardboard egg containers
    • Non-metallic wrapping paper
    • Clean pizza boxes (not soiled with grease)
    • Food and beverage cartons (e.g. milk, juice, or stock)
    • Shredded paper (contained in paper bag or cardboard box)
  • Plastic:
    • Plastic bottles (e.g. water and soda)
    • Plastic jugs such as milk (other than for motor oil, pesticides, and herbicides)
    • Plastic jars (e.g. peanut butter)
    • Plastic tubs (e.g. sour cream or yogurt)
    • Prescription bottles (including caps)
  • Metal:
    • Aluminum cans
    • Metal food or beverage containers
    • Clean aluminum foil/ foil pans
    • Empty aerosol cans
  • Glass:
    • Glass bottles and jars (all colors) lids may be left on

For recycling of hazardous materials, electronics, and more, see the Baltimore City Public Works page on Recycling Services.

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