Things To Do in Fell’s Point

If you’re looking for things to do in and around Fells Point, start with this handy list that includes all the top attractions and points of interest. Some are directly in Fells Point, some are a short walk away, and others may require a little more effort, but they’re all uniquely suited for folks visiting or living in Fell’s.

Stroll The Cobblestone Streets

The charming cobblestone streets in Fell’s Point aren’t actually cobblestone- they’re Belgian Block. That’s something most locals don’t even know! Uncover more fascinating treasures from Fell’s Point’s History with a Self-Guided Walking Tour.

Indulge in Deliciousness

Fell’s Point is filled to the brim with cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs of every type. For the full scoop check out our Fell’s Point Restaurants Guide and Fell’s Point Bars Guide, but we’ll give you a little taste: Craft Cocktails (Rye), Endless Beer (Max’s), Burgers (Abbey Burger), Oysters (Thames Street Oyster House), Special Occasions (Rec Pier Chophouse), Casual (Broadway Market)

Catch Some Legendary Live Music

You can find live music in Fell’s Point every single night of the week. On weekends, you’ll hear it emanating from countless establishments. Whether you’re into jazz, classic rock, pop, rap, or something else- you’ll find it in Fell’s. Check out our Best Spots in Fell’s Point for Live Music to learn more!

Mark Your Calendars

Fell’s Point is both a neighborhood of locals and an attraction for tourists- you’ll find events that cater to both. Weekly, monthly, seasonal, and one-time events are sprinkled throughout the calendar year. Some of our favorites include the Fell’s Point Farmer’s Market and Fell’s Point Fun Festival. Check out our full Fell’s Point Event Calendar to see what interests you.

Take the Water Taxi… Anywhere

In the very heart of Fell’s Point, nestled between the Sagamore Pendry and the Broadway Pier, you’ll find the Fell’s Point Water Taxi stop. It’s not only the most beautiful and charming way to travel in Baltimore (when the weather is good), but it also takes you directly to some of Baltimore’s top attractions including the Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, Fort McHenry, Maryland Science Center, Baltimore Convention Center, and more.

For route maps, schedule, and operating hours check out

Hit Baltimore’s Top Attractions

We’re in the process of curating a thorough list of all the things to do in Baltimore that you’ll find here soon!