33 Photos of the Sagamore Pendry from the Community Open House

Last night the Sagamore Pendry held a Community Open House, giving the public an opportunity to walk through the property and check out Fells Point’s newest attraction. There is a ton of interest in the hotel, but not a lot of photos have surfaced aside from the marketing/promo material, so I snapped some photos (and included some thoughts) for those that couldn’t attend.

The Restaurant & Bar

Looking directly at the hotel from the street, you’re met with floor to ceiling windows that peek directly into the property’s restaurant- The Rec Pier Chop House. When you walk into the hotel itself, you’re immediately drawn to this area, and looking onto Thames Street from your table seems like an incredibly charming experience.

The interior has a sophisticated look, with exposed brick, lots of wood, and industrial themed elements.

Behind the seating area is a beautiful, humongous bar, which I can already imagine bustling with tourists, wedding guests, business executives – and let’s be honest – Under Armour folks (drinking Gatorade or Michelob Ultra).

An open area in the middle of the bar looks onto a lounge area.

On this particular night, they had a band playing live music. I hope they make this a regular thing, but if they don’t, there’s plenty in the neighborhood to go around.

The backdrop of this lounge is the hotel’s courtyard walkway.

The Courtyard Atrium

The center of the hotel is home to a beautiful walkway that nicely contrasts the dimly lit mood lighting found indoors (at least during day time).

You’ve likely seen the centerpiece – a huge bronze horse – which is one of the hotel’s main “talking points”.

This courtyard eventually takes you to the rear of the hotel, where you find what some would consider the main attraction.

The Pool

The Sagamore Pendry pool is simply stunning. It’s small and at its deepest point only 4 feet, but it’s not the size of the pool that matters, it’s… hmm… I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.

First you have the pool itself which feels like an infinity pool as it’s built into the deck which drops into the harbor.

Then you’ve got the glass guard rails which allow for unhindered views at every angle.

The result is that you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the harbor. And you are- but the Sagamore Pendry fully capitalized on that opportunity. I’m not sure how many chairs can fit on the deck, or if they’ll allow the public to buy pool passes, but this place will be undoubtedly hoppin’ in the summer.

A beautiful touch are two (out of 3) cannons that sit on both sides of the entrance way to the pool. While excavating and repairing the pier’s support system underwater, divers found 3 canons, likely from European merchant ships from the 1600s.

The Canon Whiskey Room

The last cannon is found in The Canon Whiskey Room, which I did not get pictures of for two reasons:

  • The room is small and still filled with some equipment- you wouldn’t have been impressed.
  • The canon sits underground and is protected by glass flooring, but this was covered.

The Governor’s Suite

There are two “Governor’s Suites” that flank the entrance to the pool. Each come with a HUGE private deck that overlooks the pool and harbor. Awesome.

The bedroom opens up directly this deck:

I’ll be honest: I didn’t love the rooms themselves for one main reason: there is a TON of living area space (tables and chairs), but the bedroom seems tiny in comparison.

Other than that, people with too much money to spend are going to love the heck out of these rooms.

Standard Room (with Harbor View)

The standard rooms are really nice.

I love the couch at the end of the bed, with the coffee table. Off screen is a huge TV. It’s tough to really appreciate the huge windows and view, mainly because of the lighting.

The bathrooms are small, but done very well.

There is a standing shower to the left that you can’t see. But enough potty talk, let’s move onto something more fun.

The Ballroom

Based on this Ballroom alone, I think there are going to be A LOT of happy brides in Fells Point soon.

The Ballroom is magnificent, with tons of space, tall ceilings, huge skylights, attention grabbing arches, and an ornate ceiling with incredible attention to detail.

It’s beautiful.

The balcony views overlooking Thames Street give you the perfect orientation- you’re at the center of attention, right in the heart of Fells Point.

Just outside of the main ballroom area, two hallways serve as separate corridors, dividing the space nicely and making it feel even bigger.

The Ballroom is on the 3rd floor and a staircase down the hall leads directly to street level.

The Red Stairs on Thames

If you’re looking at the hotel from the front, there is a door on the far left that leads directly to the 3rd floor Ballroom area.

It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that should be a focal point, but the designers made it into one, and it looks amazing.

A few other things…

Yes, there is an exercise room.

And a place to check-in

I missed snapping pictures of some basic things like the hallways and entrances to the rooms, so you’ll have to see them for yourselves! Dimly lit, with very industrial and nautical influences.

What do you think?

Did you attend the Open House? If so, what did you think? If not, do you have any other questions?

Rob J

Rob J

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