Fell’s Point Neighbors

Hey neighbor 👋

If you live in Fell’s Point, this resource is for you!

Important Contacts

Parking and Transportation

Waste Disposal

Public Amenities

  • Thames Street Park
  • Broadway Square
  • Broadway Pier
  • Libraries and educational resources
  • Health services (hospitals, clinics)

Important Dates & Events

  • Fell’s Point Fun Festival (TBD)
  • Privateer Festival (TBD)
  • Olde Tyme Christmas (TBD)

Get Involved

Volunteering opportunities coming soon.

Pets & Regulations

  • Cats and dogs over 4 months old must be licensed
  • All dogs must be on a leash (8 feet or less)
    • No exceptions. Your “special” circumstance does not matter.
  • Nearby dog parks:
    • Patterson Park Dog Park
    • Canton Dog Park

Schools & Education

Getting started? Read this Baltimore City School Guide by Live Baltimore and view them on a map.

Nearby schools include:

  • City Springs (Elementary School)
  • Cristo Rey (Jesuit High School)
  • New Century School (Pre-K through Middle School)
  • Wolfe Street Academy (K through 5th)

Know of after school programs and/or adult education and continuing education programs we can add to our list? Let us know!

Safety & Neighborhood Watch

Work in progress.

Local government contacts

Voting Information

Nearest polling place:

Lemko House
603 S Ann St
Baltimore, MD 21231

Voting Districts

  • City Council District: 001
  • Precinct: 02003
  • Congressional District: 07
  • Legislative District: 46
  • Circuit Court District: 08
  • Appellate Court District: 06
  • Election District: 02
  • Police District: SE
  • Senatorial District: 46
  • Wards: 02

Local Board of Elections:

  • boe.baltimorecity.gov
  • Phone: 410-396-5550
  • Fax: 410-962-8747
  • Email: election.judge@baltimorecity.gov
  • Address: 417 E. Fayette Street (Room 129)

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