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Fells Point is a very walkable neighborhood and we highly suggest strolling around, especially along the waterfront area. The walkway directly along the water – called the Promenade – stretches from Canton, through Fells Point, down to Harbor East, around the Harbor, all the way to Federal Hill and beyond.

Venturing beyond Fells Point by foot can be great, too. Here are some popular places worth walking, their distance from 1641 Thames Street, and expected travel time based on Google Maps:

Staying within several blocks of the water (south of Eastern Ave.) is suggested for more anxious travelers. At night, be aware of your surroundings and walk in groups when possible. If you’re concerned about safety, take an Uber instead!

Water Taxi

By far the most unique and enjoyable form of transport in Fells Point, the Water Taxi is a MUST for visitors. It is literally steps from the front door (150 feet to be exact) and takes you to some of Baltimore’s top destinations in style and on schedule.

Payment can be made onboard by credit card and costs about $8 one-way or $15 round trip.

The Fells Point station services the Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue Routes. Make sure you cross-check your destinations, routes, and schedules!

  • Red Route (view schedule):  most popular route. Express service between Fells Point and the Inner Harbor at Harbor Place. It takes 15 minutes to travel one-way between stops. Best for trips to walk around the Inner Harbor, visit the Convention Center, or see Orioles Park and Ravens Stadium (additional 15 minutes of walking)
  • Green Route (view schedule): counter clockwise version of the Yellow Route, this hits 10 stops starting with Maritime Park, Harbor East, Pier 5, Aquarium, and Harborplace.
  • Yellow Route (view schedule): the Yellow Route makes a huge loop with 10 stops starting with Locust Point, Anthem House, Federal Hill, and Science Center. The clockwise version of the Green Route. If you’re headed to the Harborplace, pick the Red Route (preferred) or Green Route first.
  • Blue Route (view schedule): take this to visit Captain James (Seafood Restaurant), Canton Waterfront Park, and Locust Point. Doesn’t travel towards the more touristy harbor area.

Uber & Lyft

The ridesharing apps Uber (iPhone/Android) and Lyft (iPhone/Android) are the two quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to get around Baltimore. Whether you’re traveling during peak hours or heading to the airport at 4AM, you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 10 minutes and usually are waiting much less.

Taxi (By Car)

Not recommended because of the price – often 2X the cost of Uber/Lyft – sometimes it’s worth the trouble in a pinch. If surge pricing kicks into the apps, consider flagging down a cab.

Try the Taxi Stand directly outside of Admiral’s Cup (corner of Thames & Broadway). You’ll notice parking in front is reserved for cabs. They’re almost always waiting outside during typical “going out” hours.

If you’re struggling for help, try walking into the Admiral Fell Inn across the street and asking the concierge if they might help you. Although we’ve got no affiliation, generally people in Fells Point are nice and willing to help you if you ask kindly.

Baltimore Bike Share

New to Baltimore are bike stations strategically positioned to allow residents and tourists to travel by bicycle between popular destinations. Some of the bikes have electrical pedaling assistance, allowing you to zoom across the city with very little effort.

Where to find it: you can pick up a bike along Fells Point’s main drag on Thames Street. Just past Bond Street Social Restaurant you’ll see a bike stand and payment kiosk.

Where you can go: Baltimore doesn’t have the best bike lanes but it’s 100% legal to ride your bike on the Waterfront Promenade where many people walk. This should allow you to get safely around the harbor without much hassle and you can drop your bike off at one of the many stations found on the website (https://www.bmorebikeshare.com)

How much does it cost: you can buy a Monthly Pass ($15), Go Pass ($2/trip), or Single Trip Pass ($2). Check out the pricing page for details.

Public Transportation

There are lots of options to travel in and around Baltimore cheaply through public transportation, but they’re not preferred, and should be avoided if you have the option. You can find a full list of options here (https://mta.maryland.gov/content/transit-information) and related maps here (https://mta.maryland.gov/content/transit-maps/).

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